Album Review: Mayday Parade – Anywhere But Here


Mayday Parade‘s long-awaited album, Anywhere But Here, was released on October 6th 2009 after the successful album A Lesson in Romantics in 2007. It is the first album released by the band without vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Jason Lancaster. As a fan, I am gutted for the loss. I was unsure what to expect from an album without him involved, but Mayday Parade remain one of my favourite bands and I have not yet been able to stop listening to the album.

The album starts with ‘Kids in Love‘, released on September 9th, which is my favourite off the album. It has an up-beat feeling which I love. The song made me smile throughout and then again with ‘Anywhere but Here‘.

The Silence‘ and ‘Still Breathing‘ are similar in style, bringing a mellower tone to the album. The lyrics draw attention to themselves; they seem more emotional for Mayday Parade, or at least more noticeably emotional. But I found the songs quite relaxing to sit and listen to.

Bruised and Scarred‘ shows off the amazing vocals of Derek Sanders. It also shows the album as more of ‘poppy’ pop-punk compared to the previous album, but I wouldn’t class this as a negative thing.

I have always recognised Mayday Parade for their clever song titles which we find again with the new album – ‘If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?

This is followed by ‘Save Your Heart‘ which refers back to the theme of troubled love but we are then picked up by ‘Get Up‘ and ‘Center of Attention‘. ‘Centre of Attention‘ especially does the album justice with its crafty background guitar rifts that get you humming along to the tune.

I Swear This Time I Mean It‘ follows, giving us what the album needed and I’m so glad that they’ve left it until the end. The reason I’m such a fan of Mayday Parade is because of how brilliant their acoustic songs are. This definitely adds to one of my favourites as such a heart-warming acoustic that I could listen to over and over again.

The album ends, ironically, with ‘The End‘. It pulls all the strings together, giving a mix of everything the album has already offered us. A good song to end with, leaving me highly satisfied.

I’ve seen bad or at least average reviews of this album, but I cannot find fault. The album doesn’t throw anything new at us and it is noticeable that they are not the same without Jason (first albums are usually always better anyway) but it is definitely worth a listen…or five.

This is a favourite off their previous album; it’s just not the same without Jason Lancaster’s husky voice and stubbled face in the background – Jersey:

This is my favourite Mayday Parade song of all time; the acoustic version is purely amazing for this, and this is why I will miss Jason – Three Cheers For Five Years:

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