Film Review: Happy Death Day

Directed by Christopher Landon, Happy Death Day is Groundhog Day meets Scream when a free-spirited college girl (Jessica Rothe) is about to have a birthday she’ll never forget. As she finds herself repeating the same deadly day over and over, Tree must try to find out who’s her killer to break the cycle.


I’m torn between whether this was handled really well or really badly. Groundhog Day got away with being a comedy because Bill Murray went peacefully to sleep every night, so he could get away with doing what he wanted with his day. But it’s slightly different when you’re getting brutally murdered constantly. Is it really appropriate to see what it would be like to walk around naked for a day when you know that somebody is trying to end your life? Scenes like this felt a little out-of-place.

But when you don’t take it so seriously, it’s quite a fun horror. Some of the dark comedy suits it well, but some of it could have been done better. The twist at the end, especially, should have been made more of a piss-take because this was actually quite funny.

It’s just one of those horrors that’s teetering on the edge of being good or bad, with various things to sway it either way. But I found it entertaining, at least, so for now, it’s pushing towards good for me.

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Proofreader and film blogger living in Cornwall.

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